So I was thinking of something funny—the “Not Much Theory.” I actually heard Jim Rohn talking about this years and years ago, and I was just laughing to myself about it. It's all about personal change. It's all about you changing you.

I tell you, I laugh so hard when I get on Facebook and I'm scrolling through and see what people get so bent out of shape about. They blame everything. It's the most comical thing I've ever seen.

I have a “Not Much Theory” that’ll get people riled up. Let's start with politics. I'll ask you a question. If Hillary had won the Presidency and the Democrats had swept everything, and they were in complete control, what would change for you personally? Not much. Seriously, think about it. If Trump stays in for eight years and Republicans have it all, and they can make any law or take any law away, what's going to change for you personally? Not much, man.

If your evil relatives all of a sudden become positive, and you can't blame them for anything, what's going to change for you? Not much. What if your marriage is just out of this world great? Or all of a sudden, your spouse picks their towel up off the floor, doesn't irritate you every morning, they make your coffee for you, and bring it to you in bed, what's going to change for you personally? Not much. Not much.

Quit looking external. Let’s say, all of sudden, your kids don't act up. You don't get calls at work from their school about little Johnny doing this or that. You know what's going to change for you if you had perfect kids? Not much. Not much.

We can play this game all day long, because I am convinced, if you had a perfect life when you woke up today—all your problems are gone—do you want to know how much faster you'd succeed? You wouldn’t, because you’re thinking that everyone else needs to change before your life can.

I promise, if you want to know what the next six years are going to be like, just look at the last six. If you want to know what the next 10 years will be like, just look at the last 10. If you don't change, your circumstances never will. Do you understand? Do you get that?

A rut's only a grave with the ends kicked out. What's going to change? It doesn't matter who's in political power. It doesn't matter who you're married to. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who your kids are. It doesn't matter who your family is. It doesn't matter. You say, “I was born in poverty." So was I. Get over yourself.

What's going to change for you if you don't change? Not much. I promise. You want to test it? Stay the same and just roll through the next five years. See if your life isn't exactly the same as the previous five. That's what'll happen. Do you want to be part of that, “Not Much” crowd? Come on. Come on!

Get committed to internal change. Get committed to changing you. Now, I'm going to go change me physically. I'm at the gym again, because I was 181.8 lbs this morning. I'm supposed to be 178 lbs. Pisses me off, but you know what's going to change about my weight if I don't do something? Not much.