I've been on this Jim Rohn kick. I love him, man. Some of his old school stuff is so funny. I was listening to him this morning, and something dawned on me. He was talking about getting rich in America—being successful in America as it pertains to your finances. It was so funny, because it's so true. It was just the simplest, most truest statement.

He said that you had to have three things to get rich in America. Number one was that you have to be in America. He said, "Because America is easy. It is easy here." What's the opposite of easy? Hard. I'm looking at other countries going, "Oh my gosh." We do a lot of mission work and charity work in Nicaragua and in India. These two I'm familiar with. If you look at the incomes and caste studies, getting rich there is hard. They don't get paid whatever the minimum wage is, an hour. They don't get paid that an hour in Nicaragua. They get paid, if they're lucky, $5 a day, $6 a day to live off of.

Most of them, 60-70%, last time I looked, are unemployed. 60-70% are unemployed, don't have work, and aren't making any money. The 30-40% that are employed, they are making less than $6 a day. A day! We give away that much in this country. Now, America is easy. In India and Nicaragua—it's hard. The poverty in India is staggering. The slave trade in India—staggering. There's over 20 million slaves. That, my friends, is hard. There are other countries. I'm not one of these people that says there's no other opportunity in the world. In fact, I love other countries. I travel all the time. I just got back from Vancouver. It's probably my favorite city. It is my favorite city I've ever been to. Had a blast, but America's easy. You want to know hard? Try, go be born in China. Not to a wealthy family, to a poverty-stricken family, and then get rich. That's hard! Very hard.

The second thing you need is opportunity. America is the land of opportunity. People say there's not opportunity here. There's opportunity everywhere. Okay so, you've tried something and it didn't work. Try something else. That didn't work either? Try something else. Find what is right for you. My god, I did 20 years of stuff that's not right for me. But never was there an absence of opportunities to try the next thing that just might work.

Thirdly and lastly, you need to find somebody who's successful and willing to teach you. Find a mentor. I have several now that are out of this world, out of this world mentors. That's it—those three things—live in America, look for opportunity, and find somebody to be your mentor.

Man, I'll be turning 42 this year, and when I look back at my 30s, the first five years everything I focused on was external. The last five years of my 30s is when I really started focusing on changing me. Let me tell you, between the first five years and the second five years, the interest rates were pretty much the same. Those first five years, me and my family were pretty much the same. The second five years, they were pretty much the same. The government didn't change a ton either.

Jim Rohn was making this comparison and it is exactly how it was for me. Everything was pretty much the same both times, when I look at everything external. The difference in the last five years of my 30s and the second five years of my 30s is that I wasn't the same. It was the difference between no success and success. There's something there.