I love the law of focus. That is why I'm sitting outside our building at 3:45 in the morning and waiting on Tyler. We're going to meet here at 4:00 and get some work done. It's Friday night, Saturday morning, whatever. I'm actually really fired up. Really, really fired up to get in here and rip some work up. When it comes to the law of focus that's what happens. For instance, money flows where focus goes. I see so many people who have a focus that's drawn in too many directions at the same time. I look at it this way. The stage of my mind, like if my mind is a stage, is a theater, then there can only be one actor on the stage at one time. It's the law of focus. So when it comes to making money, the amount of it that you make will be directly impacted by where you place your focus.

Just understand this—you've got to focus on whatever you're doing. If you're a mom or a dad, focus right there. Happiness, joy, strength, passion—it all flows right there when you're focused. When you're with your kid, be with your kid. Focus. When you're working, legitimately focus. If you're working for that employer, I don't care if you hate your job, I don't care if they're not that great, I don't care if they're not that nice, I don't care if they appreciate you, or if it's a great work environment, don't see yourself through your environment. See yourself as the unique person you are, and then focus when you're there. Focus. Lay it down, because the only person's that has to approve of you is you.

All of the—I want to call them blessings, but they're not blessings—all of the rewards come on the heels of the focus. It may not come immediate, but all of the rewards come on the heels of focus. When we're talking about work, money flows where focus goes. Anyway, I appreciate everybody out there. Get focus. I'm fired up. It's dark. There aren't too many people in their offices on a Friday. We do this, though. You may say, "It's the weekend, that's mine"—good, that's your time, but whatever you do with it, focus.