I'm remembering when it was estimated tax payment week. If you don't know, June 15th is the week where I get to do my proud duty as an American citizen, and submit estimated taxes for the second quarter, really fun. You know what? I don't complain. Here's why, because nobody gives cares. If I told everybody the amount of the checks that I wrote the government this week, I would get a whole hearted, "Poor, poor baby. Because if you wrote those checks, it means you made even more than that. What are you complaining about?" People would say that because they've never made that, but here's the thing—I'm not complaining. I had an awesome mentor say to me one time about taxes, "Well, they don't take it all. Yet."

The complaining never works, so stop the whining, stop the complaining. It's Friday night and most people are starting up a drunk night after a long hard week at work of your eight-to-fives. Or maybe trying to hookup with that girl or guy at that bar. Stop waffling through life. Whatever you're going to do, do it hard. Do it fast. Do it steady. Don't quit. Just do what you gotta do. Nobody likes to be around complainers. You know who hates being around that person most of all? Themselves. I have never met a complainer that likes themselves. Never, not one time have I ever met a complainer that truly loves themselves. Which means that their existence is so shallow, because if they don't love themselves, they truly can't have good relationships outside themselves. Anyway, stop the complaining. There's a nugget for ya. Happy Friday!