So we've all heard phrases like, "Judge not, lest you be judged." I'm in the Bible Belt in the south here and hell, you hear that everywhere. "Don't judge me," all this stuff. Here's the long and short of it. We talked about loving your neighbor as yourself, and I've been thinking about that. I've talked a lot about that and I've talked about loving yourself. You do not have the ability to love someone else unless you love yourself. What I found out is that judgment is tied directly into that. The most judgemental, critical people I've ever met on this Earth hate themselves. They don't love themselves. They're not truly self-aware enough to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about themselves, and to love it all.

If you're reading this, you've got places in you that you don't tell anybody about. You don't talk to anybody about. You'll take them to your grave. Stuff you've thought about, stuff you've done, stuff you want to do. It's the person that nobody gets to see. It damn sure isn't your "Facebook you," right? I've got that guy. That guy's in me. I've done stuff, I've said stuff, I've thought about things. Hell, I want to do things right this minute that I will never tell anyone, but I still love myself. When you can't love yourself no matter what, it becomes toxic.

Here's the thing—it ties into judgment. If you don't love yourself, you're hypercritical of yourself, you hate yourself, you wish you were a different "you." You can't love anybody else and the alternate to loving them, I don't think is hating them, it's judging them. It's standing in condemnation of them or their actions or who they are. And the son or the daughter of that judgment is hate, right? You're judging them so you hate them. "Well, there's righteous judgment." Yeah, no kidding. Why don't you judge yourself? Oh, I forgot, you already are. You're crucifying yourself on a daily basis, you're judging yourself, you're hating yourself, and that's why you hate others.

It all starts inside you. When you judge others and it births hatred in you towards them. It comes in many different ways. "Oh, it's a sin and I just can't be a part of sin." Oh, give me a break! Look around you, we're surrounded by it, we're in it! Give me a break. I dare you to start loving yourself. I dare you to start this introspective journey. I want to change, I want to be different. But what I've realized as I got in there is that it started with loving myself. I noticed it became a whole lot more difficult to judge other people when I got face-to-face with the man in the mirror and I hugged him instead of beat him up. I started loving all of those around me with a different fervency. It's a different mentality.

Hide behind your church walls and sit in your comfy pew. I don't care if you're an atheist reading this, hide behind your intellect. Search your heart, see if I'm not telling the truth. It's the truth.