I’m laying here on a couch at work in the middle of a bunch of cubicles and offices as I write this. Rickey and I just finished discussing how so many people wait for the “perfect opportunity” to begin something or wait for the “right time” to start. This epidemic is known as paralysis of analysis. Top 20 Leader, Top 100 Speaker and NY Times/WSJ bestselling author Orrin Woodward said it best in his quote, “Analysis paralysis occurs when you overthink and underwork.” Bill Vaughan captures the true impact of this epidemic in his quote, “He suffered from paralysis by analysis.” Needless to say, “suffering” is a tragic yet truthful prognosis of the effects that overthinking and over analyzing can have on your life.

You want to sit, stare, think, and tally-up the odds as to whether your proposed decision is going to be successful or a flop, however, what you're actually just wasting time. Most of you call that, “waiting” but do you know what you're really waiting on? You're waiting on nothing. “Nothing” is exactly what you get when you wait. Now is the time for action. Do not wait to do the imperative just because you’re missing the full narrative. If I'm talking to a 14-year-old kid and he's supposed to be mowing the lawn—don't wait to mow the lawn. “Eat” the difficult things first every day. Do the hard things. Don't wait. Don't wait. Get it done so that you can do what you want to do. Don't wait.

It's funny. My wife and I waited, I think, three to five years before we ever had children after we got married. We were waiting for the right time to have kids. Guess what? That time never freaking comes. That's just some bull-honky somebody fed you. Don't listen to that. I wish I'd had kids the day we got married. I was practicing before we got married, so I wish we had them then, haha.

Anyway, don't wait. The people that wait will often procrastinate under the guise of waiting. A lot of times, here in the Bible belt, they're waiting on the Lord. That's another big chunk of cow manure, right? It's a load. Don't do that. God doesn't move a parked car, right? You need to put some gas in it, go somewhere, and get something done. And you can either ride on tires inflated with solutions or deflated with excuses, but we both know which would make the trip more favorable. When you wait for things to be perfect before you’re able to make a move, you drastically slow down your life and process of advancement. The goal is progress, not perfection. Gary Vaynerchuk says, “I don’t aim for perfect. I’m not interested in perfect. It’s not real. Perfect is fake so I just live.” So just live.